What should I bring to outdoor tournaments?

Must haves:



outdoor volleyball
bug spray
water bottle (G-Vegas provides water and sports drink, but it’s always helpful to have your own bottle!)
Gatorade/Powerade for that extra boost of electrolytes!
1-2 towels
umbrella/floppy hat
extra clothes (t-shirts, tank tops, board shorts, socks, sports bras or bathing suit tops, etc.)
personal snacks (G-Vegas provides snacks, water, sports drink and sometimes freezer pops; fruit is always a good snack!)
small personal cooler
tent (not a camping tent, but the shade tent; this is not necessary, but there’s always a need for more shade!)

I’m new to town. How would you describe the various levels of play in your tournaments?

BB is our intermediate level competition. Players have limited training on individual volleyball skills. Handling/setting calls are not as strict, but doubles and lifts are still considered a foul. Consistent 3 hit rallies

A is our advanced level competition. Players have trained on individual volleyball skills. Advanced setting and serving. Good defense.

OPEN is for elite level competition. Players play and train year-round. Players have trained extensively on individual volleyball skills. Excellent setting with high velocity attacks. Float, jump float, and/or high-velocity jump serving. Pinpoint passing.

What is sandbagging and is it allowed?

Sandbagging is when a player competes in a division that is below his or her skills.
Sandbagging is strictly prohibited. If a player is playing in a lower division than his/ her skills indicate, the Tournament Director has the discretion to disqualify player(s) from the tournament.

We want to play Men’s Triples but one or three of our players are women? Is this allowed and how do we decide which division we need to play?

Yes, women are allowed to play in the Men’s Triples divisions.
There are too many interations to list all, but here are a few examples to serve as guidance as to which division is the appropriate division:
Player 1 and Player 2 = Men with A skills + Player 3 = Woman with AA/A/BB skills ==> Play Men’s A
Player 1 = Man with A skills + Player 2 and Player 3 = Woman with BB skills ==> Play Men’s BB
Player 1 = Man with A skills + Player 2 and Player 3 = Woman with AA/A skills ==> Play Men’s A

What is your Payment and Cancellation Policy?

Payment Policy: To officially register for any G-Vegas Volleyball event you must complete two connected steps. First, create your roster. You are then guided to the second step, where you supply online payment information. Credit cards will be charged immediately. Teams are confirmed into the tournament in the order that payment information is received. The effect of this policy is that a team that registers early but does not process online payment will lose their spot to a team that registers after them but pays online before them. For all players, this speeds up on-site registration the morning of the tournament so we can start on time, and prevents no-shows that have a negative impact on pool assignments.

Cancellation Policy: Team cancellations that occur up to two days prior to an event will be refunded 100% of the registration fee (e.g. Wednesday before midnight for a tourney that is held on Saturday). Teams that cancel after that point, but before noon the Friday before the tournament weekend will be refunded 50% of the registration fee. Teams that cancel the day of the tournament, or simply do not show up will forfeit all of their registration payment. Any questions on this policy or its application should be addressed to gvegasvb@gmail.com.

Can I be kicked out of the tournament for being a jerk?

YES. The G-Vegas TD has discretion to remove teams and/or players from play due to excessive profanity, belligerence, and/or unsportsmanlike conduct.

What is the G-Vegas Inclement Weather Policy?

1. If cancellation occurs before the start of play, G-Vegas will refund all registration fees 100%.

2. If cancellation occurs during playoffs, the payouts will be split evenly among the remaining active teams.

Tournament cancellations will occur when either of the following conditions are met:

1. Field conditions do not facilitate safe play.

2. Continued play on the field would cause significant damage.

The G-Vegas TD has discretion to temporarily suspend all play as well as clear the playing field for any reason they deem appropriate.