G-Vegas Rules

  • Open/AA divisions play under the official AVP Rules.
  • All other divisions will continue to play under the modified G-Vegas Rules described below.
  • The official ball of G-Vegas is the Wilson OPTX. Players provide their own balls for play.

All Non-Open divisions play AVP Rules, with the following exceptions/highlights:

  1. A Net is a Net – If you contact any portion of the net during play, it is a fault.
  2. Antennae – The standards (poles) are the antennae, if there are no antennae present. If the ball touches or passes over the poles, it is out.
  3. Block as a Touch – The block does count as a touch in doubles and triples.
  4. Court Boundary – Entering any adjacent court that is scheduled for competition during play is a fault.
  5. Double Contact on Receive – Double is legal on receive as long as there is no overhand/ finger action.
  6. Finger Action Over Net – No finger action over the net (set overs). Even if the attacker was perpendicular to the net (a.k.a. 6/12), it is an illegal contact. *SPECIAL NOTE this ground rule is applicable specifically when the handset attack (ball) has COMPLETELY passed through the plane of the net. Should a blocker touch the ball before it passes completely through the plane of the net (including legal joust with attacker) the rally would continue, since “setting the 50-50 ball” is a common and legal strategy for an offense to employ. Hard Driven Ball – Finger action (beach dig) allowed for first contact on a hard-driven ball. Hard-driven defined as a ball you don’t have time to think about.
  7. Game Delay Forfeiture – Any delay longer than 5 minutes creates a forfeiture of the current set, including those caused by injury. TD has discretion to extend injury time-outs.
  8. No Center line Violations – If a player goes under the net during play, it is not a fault, unless it interferes with the other team’s ability to play the ball.
  9. Redirecting a block – Redirecting a block is legal as long as there is no extended contact (catch/throw).
  10. Timeouts – A single one minute timeout per set is allowed per team.