Not necessarily unique to G-Vegas, but a few things to know:

• Parking at Northwest Park – Parking on the hill is at your own risk. The safest bet is to drop off your gear at the top of the hill near check-in and then park in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill.
• Rule Difference: We play that a block counts as a touch in all divisions and formats. This means if you touch the volleyball on a block, then your team only has 2 more touches to send the ball over. FYI, the blocker could be the next contact after his/her block, but the subsequent touch would then need to send the ball over the net.
• During the hot months, we try to set up a shower so players can stay cool.
• Volleyball Gear – if you don’t see gear at the tournament, ask us for the bins. We have tanks, tee-shirts, long-sleeve hoody shirts, backpacks, nets, and more.